Digital Mosaics. The Aesthetic of Cyberspace by Steven Holtzman

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Steven Holtzmann, Digital Mosaics. The Aesthetics of Cyberspace, New York, Simon & Schuster, 1997.
As the Internet and digital media become increasingly familiar presences in our daily lives, our encounters with the digital world become more frequent – we get news on-line, we shop and book travel on the Web, we play games on our CD-ROMs. Yet we still haven't fully realized the potential of digital media to take us beyond what traditionnal media – such as newspapers, books, TV, or film – have to offer. It is precisely because the digital medium is so radically different, says Steven Holtzmann, that it will influence not only the way we communicate, but also the way we think and create.
Through the work of artists and designers on the cutting edge of technology, Digital Mosaics explores the possibilities of digital expression: gravity-defying sculptures that can exist only in cyberspace, a newpaper that communicates at a glance the relationships among various new stories, an interactive opera in which members of the audience become part of the performance. Holtzman also shows us how computer pioneers are now able to produce works of astonishing complexity and intelligence, dynamic works full of creatures that grow and evolve, music that perpetuates itself, and beautiful fractal images that rival nature's masterpieces.
Holtzman examines the unique qualities of these on-line experiences. Digital Art is infinitely reproductible (there is so "original"), and yet is ephemeral. The digital experience is interactive, not passive, and this will change the way we look at and experience digital worlds. The traditionnal boundary between the audience and the artist will become only more blurred. And while the digital world links individuals to a global community, it is also a place in which individual expression will flourish as never before. The computer, says Holzman, does not replace books, painting, photography, film, or theater. It is a new medium that will give rise to entirely new forms of creative expression.

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