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Pick Up @ Vito Acconci. 1971

PICK UP, 1971 1971, 16:50 min, color, silent, Super 8 film This is one of several exercises that explore the notion of extreme concentration. Blindfolded, Acconci attempts to intuite the position of another person's hands over his body.

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Opening @ Vito Acconci. 1970

OPENINGS, 1970 1970, 14 min, b&w, silent, Super 8 film Acconci's body-based performances are often willfully provocative in their testing of physical limits and controlled actions. Here, as the camera frames Acconci's stomach in close up, he painstakingly...

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Open/Close @ Vito Acconci. 1970

OPEN-CLOSE,1970 Ce montage de deux séquences propose un schéma d'oppositions dialectiques. Open montre l’artiste se masturbant avec une tomate. Ce symbole résiduel de la féminité ou cet objet fantasmatique signifie l’imbrication de deux opposés dans la...

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Focal Point @ Vito Acconci. 1971

FOCAL POINT, 1971 1971, 32:47 min, b&w, sound In this exercise in the act of viewing and being viewed, Acconci explores intuitive perception through intense concentration. Blindfolded, he stands against a wall, his nude back to the camera. The camera...

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