The Burial (Part I) @ Nathalie Mba Bikoro. 2015

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- BIKORO Nathalie Mba, The Burial (part I), 2015. (vidéo 13’18’’)

In Norogachi in the region of Chihuahua north Mexico, Bikoro spends a journey for decolonial method in assembling the history of Native Indian population in Mexico. For the past and present situation of the Ramuri tribe, the influence of American intervention, trade, economy and coloniality has re-shaped notions of modernity in the desert populations. Particularly the role of women has been formed and re-shaped over the cours of the last decades, with increasing violence and segregation in traditional life, Bikoro investigates the fate associated with the women and cultural genocide of the community.

In her performance The Burial influenced by the history of the Native Mexican populations who suffered in the hands of the colonial European powers forced into labor in mines and mills.

By the 18th century the Native American population had been reduced to less than 10% of its original population. For those tribes pushed south into Mexico then remained less tahn 45% in Mexico. This loss was then consequently  followed by sixty million African people, captured by the Europeans and forced into slavery.

The Burial is a commemoration to all the people who lost their lives under inhuman and cruel conditions of slvery and injustice.

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