Self-Identification @ Ewa Partum. 1980

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- PARTUM Ewa, Self-Identification, 1980.
film : duration 0’50’’, no sound, source : 16mm

Self-Identification is a performance show which accompanied a series of photo montage films shown in the Small Gallery. ewa partum, therein, presents herself naked in public places in Warsaw. During the show she goes out from the exhibition space into the city, where nearby the Wedding Palace she met a bride. In this manner she confronted the institution of marriage determining one of the core elements of feminity seen as a paradigm of personality made up by patriarchal culture. References : Ewa Partum 1965-2001, exhibition catalogue, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe/National Museum, Warsaw, 2001.

Self-Identification @ Ewa Partum. 1980

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