Before Later @ Adina Bar-On. 2014

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- BAR-ON Adina, Before Later, 2014.

Born 1951. Lives and works in Tel Aviv

Pioneer performance artist from Israel, Adina Bar-On creates performance-focused work since the 1970s, exploring the relationship between identity and presence, the conflict of identity and conflicting identities, emphasizing a strong connection of art and non-structural ethics of behaviour. Her performances are charged with sensitivity, emotional depth, and with her willingness to tackle difficult and controversial subjects. Bar-On divides her time between teaching performance and visual communication, and her art practice. In the past several years she has toured extensively in Europe and Asia. In Before Later, the materials from which these performances witl be composed are the audience and their physical presence in the place where the artist performs. Given these two facts, the persons who attends this event are the ‘‘soul materials’’ from Bar-On shall be motivated to create. In Before After the artist relates, fore most, to the audience as a group, several groups and as individuals; she evokes situations which are visual, vocal and breathing.

Before Later @ Adina Bar-On. 2014

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