Blanc Series @ Johannes BBB Deimling. 2000-

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Blanc Series @ Johannes BBB Deimling. 2000-
Blanc Series @ Johannes BBB Deimling. 2000-
Blanc Series @ Johannes BBB Deimling. 2000-

- DEIMLING BBB Johannes, Blanc Series, 2000.

screams of speechlessness.

inspired by small fillers from the daily newspapers in which a few short sentences describe dramatic and horrible scenarios, bbb johannes daimling has worked out a cycle of acted images: ‘‘blanc’’; since 2000 he realizes different images based on the similar moment of speechlessness;

blanc is a cycle of acted images (= images created with the medium of performance art) that focus the moments right after an accident, a crash, a personal drama at home or a terrorist attack; these moments of no return, in which one is incapable to act or to react, when one is speechless and helpness extradited to be frozen or paused for a little while; time stands still, the scene appears silent and peaceful;

flour covers people and objects, like snow or dust; the flour connects to the ordinariness; the white situation turns out the horror, the silence, the faint and the speechlessness; in this moment of silence it seems that one can hear a scream without any voice.

– living images (blanc #1-brötchen holen)/get buns/2000

gallery zagreus projects/berlin/germany/2000

situation: man had an accident with his bike

people are laying on the floor without moving: different objects like a hat, a bag with buns, a newspaper, a bike, a ladder etc are spread all around; the ‘‘image’’ describes a situation of destruction; everything is covered with several kilograms of flour; this images lasts for over 45 minutes; after this time everyone gets up very slowly, take their objects, and leave the place

– living images (blanc #2-letter rauf)/ladder up/2000

national museum/sczecin, poland/2001

situation: man was falling off the ladder

– living images (blanc #6-trautes heim glück allein)/home sweet home/2005

kunstverein/neuenburg, germany/2005

situation: man killed his wife and his child in their home.

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